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The best thing he ever did for you.

I remember sitting on the floor of my niece’s room, flipping through magazines while she twirled in her dress-up clothes and we sang to the Taylor Swift CD that was playing in the background.

I was so envious of the carefree look in her sweet five-year-old eyes and loved seeing her sincere little girl smile. A real smile, not a mere masquerade to spare those around of whats hurting inside.

My heart was terribly bruised because of a breakup, and I thought I’d never, ever get over it. Him.

After my niece fell asleep my sister Emily popped her head in the room and said something I’ll never forget:

“I know it doesn’t seem like it now, but you will get over him. And you will realize that you have the whole world ahead of you. And that you deserve so much better. Someday you will see that the best thing he ever did for you was breakup with you.”

It’s been three years since she said this and another two or three heartbreaks have occurred in the meantime. And she was right. (Oh older siblings and their always having wisdom that you hate to admit is brilliant. 😉 )


So, naturally, when I read this essay it made me weepy, and a little nauseous, because some sentences, some of the excuses quoted, I’ve said those exact same words to myself.

You try to accept his lack of initiative to introduce you to his family and friends – “I should just be patient and wait for him to warm up to that idea.” You try to accept how he seldom texts you first – “It’s not that he doesn’t miss me or think of me; he’s just not the texting type.” You try to be okay with him choosing his other friends over you more regularly – “It’s fine, we both should have our own lives.” You begin to accept that he doesn’t really want to share his life with you – “He likes it more to listen to me talk; he’s a good LISTENER.” You think that it’s okay that he doesn’t want to talk about certain things – “I can wait. He will get comfortable with me soon enough.”

So, I want to get a microphone, climb to the roof of the tallest building in Munich, and read this essay at the top of my lungs. Because while the truth hurts—oh, how it can hurt–it also opens up the whole world to you.

That’s what we all deserve in a relationship. Someone you love–and loves you–to share that whole world with.

For those of us not lucky enough to have mister-totally-wrong-for-you end it for us, I hope this gives you the guts to do the best thing you could ever do for yourself–refuse to settle.

And, to the misters who broke my heart. Thank you.
Thank you for realizing I deserve better. 

“Just because someone desires you, does not mean that they value you.”
Read it over. 
Let those words resonate in your mind.

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a cool site, a new about page & a few questions.

because that is exactly how i would respond to such occasions.
my big seester (that’s how we prefer to say it) sent me the link to this rad site.
needless to say, i’ve spent far too much time today engrossed in its archives.
but i did, however, manage to get my new about page finished.
(is the about page in too small of print?)
i’m thinking of a question & answer page… 
thoughts? questions? does asking you that make me sound like a brat?
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Why I Love Sunscreen lotion.

[Germany 2011.]
I love the beach. I love the sun. I love rounding up the kiddos & taking them all to the beach a mere block away. 
I also love sunscreen. It’s a weird thing to “love” sunscreen. It’s even weirder to the kids I watch. Can you blame them? I mean, it’s kind of a weird thing to love.
But then again, it’s an important thing to use, even if you don’t “love” it.  I’ve always been paranoid of skin cancer. If  a layer of lotion can help prevent your skin from getting cancer -not to mention keep it from getting wrinkly- then maybe, even if you don’t love it, you should just take a few seconds to layer yourself right up. 
Your skin will thank you, and so will your family
More information & tools, click here.
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Sunday Sweets: Royal Wedding edition…

I remember being little, and my big sister Katie & I fawning over magazines that had anything royal family-related. She would share them and we would sit (sometimes with a jar of pickles) and just read and swoon the afternoon away.  I loved it.  I would point & ask who is ‘that?’ and she would share all of her royal knowledge with me.  I love those memories.  
I also remember she had pencils that said “I Heart Prince Wills” on them & that she gave me one.  (out of the 100 santa had brought her that year…)
I also remember the day Diana died. Vividly, although I was only eight years old. I remember all of it: I remember that we cried; I remember that we bought “Candle in the Wind” on cassette tape; I remember my sister Emily recording it on VHS(which we still have packed away).  Such a tragic day… 
However, this day (well, Friday) was one of absolute happiness.
I have been very sick, but insisted on rising early in the morn to watch it all LIVE(no regrets)
We watched it at the Kansas City Union Station and it was unreal.  So many people came to watch even though it was 4a.m.
Even Katie came before she went to work. And, I am so happy that she did.

As we sat there, watching everything so intently, getting giddy over every detail, it felt so much like the days when we were younger, and she would share all of her royal love with me.
 (and although it wasn’t one of us, ,sister, at least he ended up with another Catherine Elizabeth.)
this is made me tear up. this too. oh & of course this.
but this is one of my new favorites. ; )

p.s. and to my two big sisters: I’ll be the Pippa to your Kate, anyday. ; )
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julia & the love bug.

{julia. december 2009.}

i giggled to myself when i read this in my sister’s blog last night:

…then she (julia), too, began to look forward to tomorrow’s chocolate, and her new found love “Eli” who is going to marry her someday. It’s true, she tells us everyday.

oh sweet julia. how adorable can you be?
i love how honest & determined she is with everything in life. i admire that.


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my "sassy" sister.

{Katie, Me, My Mom, Emily.}

once upon a time my big sister katie started blogging. her cute blog inspired me to blog & we fell in love with the big world of blogging.

well, we are stoked that my other big sister, emily, has decided to make a blog! it’s pretty funny how different we all are–but we all love each other lots. i think our personalities compliment each other & i would have to say that emily is the “sassy” one… ; )

you’ll have to let me know what you think! : )