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Joy is contagious.

One of my favorite things in the entire world is seeing a groom’s face when they first see their bride. If someone were to capture those few seconds in a bottle, I’d buy a lifetime supply. Such raw love is rarely shown, and I love it so.

Another one of my favorite things? New dads. (Old dads, too.) Of course new mamas are like angels on Earth, but mamas never cease to amaze us daily, right? But dads don’t generally get as much attention as their new bundles of joy or their gorgeous baby mamas.

My cousin Michael and his wife are having a baby and man oh man, are we excited to have a new babe join our quirky family.

He’s writing his experience on his new blog 40 Weeks to Fatherhood. It’s hilarious, honest, and so flippin’ sweet.

Also, this exists. 

And this post made me laugh for a good twenty minutes.

…and because I can’t help myself…this.


2 thoughts on “Joy is contagious.

  1. Seeing a groom's face is also on my favorite thing list. There is nothing better. Actually, maybe when he sees his first born for the first time. That's pretty special as well.


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