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Words my heart needed to hear…

The fear of getting hurt again has only led you to hurt yourself. Come out now. Come out while there’s still some living left to be done. This person who hurt you doesn’t deserve to still dictate your life decisions. Your discipline and dedication to structure is an illusion. You’re still powerless because you’re letting certain incidents define your life. If you really want to be in control again, you have to learn to let go again. It’s the only way. The Fear Of Getting Hurt Again by Ryan O’Connell

…and words that describe how my heart feels right now.
If life can be made more beautiful with generosity, and care, and affection, there is no reason to stifle it or keep it in some confused concept of moderation. With generosity, there can always be more.
I know that all of these things make me better. And I know that I am better when I am around you, and that the real goal is to learn how to apply these lessons and desires and streaks of unabashed confidence to every aspect of my life. I should be just as generous with friends, just as confident at work, just as forgiving of my daily stresses as I am when you are with me. Because that, I think, is the greatest gift we can ever give another person: To see that life can be lived more beautifully and more honestly, and that you don’t even need to be in love to do it.The Way I Am Around You by Chelsea Fagan
quote of the week

{Quote of the Week.}

“You look invincible,’ my mother said one night. 

I loved these times, when we seemed to feel the same thing. 

I turned to her, wrapped in my thin gown, and said:I am.”-Alice Sebold

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Right now.

[Munich. January 22. 2013.]

I am happy.

Happier than I have been in months, seasons even, maybe.

I want to take a second to document this feeling.

That head-over-heels, smitten kitten, fresh air is like a brand new beginning, smile at everyone you see, kind of feeling.

It’s days like this that I realize, even though it may be fleeting, this kind of happiness is worth every second of sadness.

It makes up for it all.

Doesn’t it always?

And that is the way life seems to go.
But this is just a reminder that it’s always worth it.

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Joy is contagious.

One of my favorite things in the entire world is seeing a groom’s face when they first see their bride. If someone were to capture those few seconds in a bottle, I’d buy a lifetime supply. Such raw love is rarely shown, and I love it so.

Another one of my favorite things? New dads. (Old dads, too.) Of course new mamas are like angels on Earth, but mamas never cease to amaze us daily, right? But dads don’t generally get as much attention as their new bundles of joy or their gorgeous baby mamas.

My cousin Michael and his wife are having a baby and man oh man, are we excited to have a new babe join our quirky family.

He’s writing his experience on his new blog 40 Weeks to Fatherhood. It’s hilarious, honest, and so flippin’ sweet.

Also, this exists. 

And this post made me laugh for a good twenty minutes.

…and because I can’t help myself…this.

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As the snow keeps falling.

[Munich. January 2013.]

The snow keeps falling, falling, falling here in Munich. The city goes on despite the inches that continue to accumulate each hour. Groceries must be bought, meetings must be attended. Life continues.

I love the snow. It’s not like Kansas snow. It’s much more powdery and it’s a relief to brush it off my car with a mere swipe and not have to chip away a layer of ice beneath, as it so often goes in Kansas winters. It’s the kind of snow depicted in picture books. It’s the most beautiful snow I have ever experienced.

And so I am happy it continues falling, falling, falling.


I am — after much time — starting to feel more confident in my decision to come to Munich. New job opportunities are popping up and I have started meeting many wonderful people.

After so many months, I think I’ve found my place in this beautiful city. Or at least I’m finding my way more and more each day.

For this I am oh, so very thankful.

And of course — after all this time — I still wake up every morning feeling blessed to be on this amazing adventure.

P.S. Thank you for your support in helping find my friend. Keep praying! Keep spreading the word!