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Downton Abbey.

-images via tumblr.

I decided to find out what all the Downton Abbey hubbub was about, andoh me, oh myI am so happy I did. In one week I finished both the first and second season. Holy guacamole. How can they just up and leave us hanging like this? I miss it. So much.

At least I still have Everybody Loves Raymond. Right?

Also, here are some hilarious Downton Abbey themed tumblrs:
Downton Abbeyoncé
Downton Pawnee
Downton Tabby

and best of all:
Miss (Conan) O’brien.
(this, too.)


4 thoughts on “Downton Abbey.

  1. Downton is my not so guilty pleasure and I am sure as heck not waiting till January when it comes on this weekend in the UK. So I will be finding it somewhere on the interwebs. haha


  2. I can't wait. SUNDAY! If only I could still watch ITV. I think I'll need to write a complaint letter to our digital tv provider: they can offer every single British channel except for ITV? Not cool.
    Awww, Branson and Sybil are too adorable.


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