germany, growing up, life changes, moving to munich, september 2012

A countdown (of sorts).

I leave for Munich in 16 days. (16 days!) I can’t believe it. 

I am excited. (So excited!) And nervous. (A nervous wreck.) And really, feeling as though I’m on the cusp of something great. (Something so great I can’t even put it into words.) Because this is a completely new chapter of my life.

It is, in someways, the beginning of my “adult-post-college” life.

And it feels terrifyingly good. If that makes sense?

And after reading this post, I am giddy.
So giddy to know that these things are happening.

Because when I wrote that post, way back in 2009,
I wasn’t truly convinced I’d be able to see Oktoberfest in person…

But now I know I will; and it is surreal.
Surreal in the most wonderful of ways.


10 thoughts on “A countdown (of sorts).

  1. @Allie, YES. Seriously, that would rock. I'm only four hours from Venice? I think…? But as Tim Gunn says, We'll make it work! ; )

    @Anonymous, Thank you so much for your prayers! That means a lot. xo


  2. Anonymous says:

    HI Anna,
    I've started following you only a couple of weeks ago.
    I don't you, but I want to tell you something.
    I'm an Italian girl, I come from Venice (only 4 hours from Munich, yes you are right!)
    I live in the U.S., now… I've been living here for 2 years.
    I crossed the ocean, in the same way you'll do in a couple of weeks (only in the opposite direction) and I can tell you something: You won't regret it!
    even when you'll feel sad, or homesick, or tired… when you'll miss your family, the food, or the silliest things (because it'll happen), it will be worth it! be strong, and this will be one of the greatest adventures of your life! good luck and enjoy it!


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