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Speaking of fashion…

I can’t decide how I feel about the popular nail trends for Fall 2012. I love the look of the model’s dark purple nails pictured above, but I worry it’d look like I have plum-stained fingertips if I were to try it. (I’m so weird.)

I recently bought a few bottles of Wet N Wild nail polish and it actually lasts longer on my nails than any other brand I have— buying it may feel like a flashback to 3rd grade, but at 99 cents a bottle, who cares?!

Also: I love this Germany line from OPI.

The names are so funny, too:  My Very First Knockwurst, Berlin There Done That, Don’t Pretzel My Buttons and my personal favorite: Don’t Talk Bach To Me.

See the whole collection and names here.

Anyway, do you all dig the forecasted nail fashion? Or do you stick to your all-time favorite hues?


9 thoughts on “Speaking of fashion…

  1. i actually prefer dark colors on my nails usually, so this trend is right up my ally! 3/4 seasons i use dark purple or grey on my nails. in the summer i usually do bright colors, which is a huge change of pace for me.


  2. i'm not sure if i ever know there's a current “nail fashion.” i tend to just wear what i want, haha. lately i've been stuck on lavender but i bet my taste will turn darker come autumn and winter!


  3. Right?!
    @Magdalena I am a big fan of the pink pastel! It's gonna be hard for me to break my habit of going straight for it!

    @jackiek I love the dark shades on everyone else! I really like switching things up, though… I'm gonna try it!

    @Mackenzie, Right? First the NYC Ballet line, now the Germany line, OPI knows how to get a gal hooked!

    @Katilda I am not fashion trend follower, I just have a bit too much time on my hands these days… ; ) I say when you find one you like, go for it! Who cares what the mags say, AmIright? : )

    Thanks for all the input, ladies! I love hearing everyone's picks and thoughts!



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