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It may feel like it’s breaking, but really your heart’s reawakening.

[Germany June 2011. Leon en route to the beach. ]

Every now & then, I am struck by an immense longing for last summer and fall. It’s as though I’ve swallowed a stone and all of a it finally dropsquickly and suddenly—to the pit of my stomach. Today it happened while I was driving home from a friend’s house and this song came on the radio.

It’s the song my host mom would often play in the living room while we worked around the house. I closed my eyes and could remember those moments vividly. 

I am always missing my German family terribly. Not a day goes by I don’t wish I could read Leo Lausemaus to Leon and chat curiously with him in our German-English hybrid only we could understand. I miss talking to Niklas and Gina while we ate lunch and hearing all about their day at school. And of course, I miss my host parents beyond belief. What I wouldn’t give to spend another evening after dinner confiding in my host mom and joking with my host dad.

Now I tell people now that I’ve created an eternal dilemma: No matter where I am in the world visiting family, I’ll miss my family on the other side.

But I’m beginning to learn how to cope with the distance, and remind myself that I will see them soon.

Very soon, I hope.
Le sigh.

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hold the phone…

Mr. Darcy: hey, I just met you 

Mr. Darcy: and this this crazy 

Mr. Darcy: but I’m going to act coldly distant to you for a long time, then awkwardly admit my undying love to you and save you from liking a horrible liar and gambler, then propose to you, telling you I love you not for your beauty but for your mind. 

Mr. Darcy: so call me maybe.

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p.s. I have received so many fascinating responses to my dating around the world project! I am organizing a process of sorts at the moment– it’s going to be all kinds of fun & interesting! Thanks so much to everyone who has contacted me so far… I’ll be getting back to you all very soon. Excited beyond belief. : ) 

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Wanted: your insight. (Yes, you.)

I’m creating a series for this little blog called, you got it, “dating around the world.”
Do you want to help a sister out? (Needed: Men & Women!)
(Please include where you live and whether you are male or female in the message!)

Then I can get in touch with you for a (short) interview by email!  The questions won’t be too nosy, I promise– just a bit about the culture of dating where you live.

And for those of you I have already heard from, THANK YOU. I am getting a schedule together now & will be getting in touch with you again, soon!