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An ode to the blog-o-sphere:

{january red lips.}

thank you for giving me a space to come into my own.

your unending support
your tips & tricks that seem to make everyday life a bit more bearable
your shared tales of heartache & triumph
your achieved dreams
your defeats
your most beautiful moments
thank you for teaching me how to rock red lipstick
but more importantly
for giving me the courage to do so

because without your sass, your wisdom, your brilliant blogs & comments
i don’t quite know what kind of girl i’d be

but since i sat down at the keyboard one fateful day & happened upon this lovely community
well, i’d say i’m right on track to becoming the kind of woman i have whole-heartedly come to admire

& if i manage to be even half as strong, voraciously dedicated and compassionate as you are, dear blog-o-sphere, i’d say i would be forever indebted to your inspiration

with utmost gratefulness & love,


8 thoughts on “An ode to the blog-o-sphere:

  1. You bring me a great deal of joy and strength, my dear. You have allowed me the space (through your space) to be courageous and become the person I want to be. Each time I read your blog, I smile or I take a big breath and I always feel love. You amaze me.


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