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a bushel of blessings.

{image one, image two.}

my life is a bushel of blessings.
that is an understatement.
but it is the best i can do with mere words.

from my family of beautiful, genuine, brilliant people
to my friends of equally talented, genuine, lovely souls. 

the pooches i love
to the silly, blessed coincidences life throws my way.

the people who take time to read this (YOU)
the gentle spirits who encourage me daily (YOU)

the adventures
the moments of confusion

i am thankful
for it all.<!–


4 thoughts on “a bushel of blessings.

  1. Holidays are always about the people, and not the food or things. I love when people get that. Truly get that, and don't just give it lip service. Have a wonderful season.


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