holidays, tis the season

you’ll know it.

i’m going to keep it real, friends.

new habits november did not turn out so hot. 
i drank plenty of coca cola.
i ran twice.
i free wrote once.
but that’s ok. it’s the thought that counts. right? or wait. is that pertaining to something entirely different? oh well.
can we take a minute to talk about how fast november went by? … i mean, that minute we just took lasted longer than november. amiright? (p.s. my new thing is the ‘amiright’ phrase. cracks me up every time. i’m easily amused.)
additionally, it’s december in two days. 
yup. tis the season, folks. 
tis also the season for engagements.
i think every time i log onto facebook i see photos rings popping up everywhere. 
makes my heart swell. 
till you see the boy who once made your heart swell is getting hitched. 
then your heart hurts for a bit.
but not too much.
but enough to make you antsy.
just when you don’t know anymore, you’re reminded.
and you, too, have no doubts. none at all.

quote of the week

{Quote of the Week.}

Let yourself fall open to Advent, to anticipation, to the belief that what is empty will be filled, what is broken will be repaired, and what is lost can always be found, no matter how many times it’s been lost.           -shauna niequist. 

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a bushel of blessings.

{image one, image two.}

my life is a bushel of blessings.
that is an understatement.
but it is the best i can do with mere words.

from my family of beautiful, genuine, brilliant people
to my friends of equally talented, genuine, lovely souls. 

the pooches i love
to the silly, blessed coincidences life throws my way.

the people who take time to read this (YOU)
the gentle spirits who encourage me daily (YOU)

the adventures
the moments of confusion

i am thankful
for it all.<!–

quote of the week

{Quote of the Week.}

“She knew, of course, that there was something about her that was different. But it was more like a friendly spirit than like anything that was a part of herself. She brought everything to it, and it answered her; happiness consisted of that backward and forward movement of herself. The something came and went, she never knew how. Sometimes she hunted for it and could not find it; again, she lifted her eyes from a book, or stepped out-of-doors, or wakened in the morning, and it was there-under her cheek, it usually seemed to be, or over her breast-a kind of warm sureness. And when it was there, everything was more interesting and beautiful, even people.”Willa Cather (Song of the Lark)

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and I promise you I’m doing the best I can.

{deutschland, august 2011.}

in time a lot happens.
whether or not you wish it to.
a lot happens.
sometimes it takes really big steps in life
to make you grow a backbone.
no matter where in the world you live
you will meet fake people,
and you will meet genuine people.
distance, time zones, languages…
they really don’t mean much.
no matter what lies between us.
we are all alike.
but it’s a bit hard to realize these things when speaking in a different language.
you’re too worried about word order and past participles to notice traces of sincerity in a voice.
the major difference about being away from home
 is that when you are burned by someone,
 it burns twenty times more than when you are home. 
but of course,
the moments of pure bliss you experience 
in a strange, unfamiliar place, feeling unbelievably vulnerable,
it’s beautiful.
you also, learn the difference between being unhappy and being homesick.
because they are infinitely different.
being homesick simply means you miss the smells, sounds, tastes, sites and feel of a place so much
you forget to experience the new sounds, smells, tastes, sights, and feeling of everything around you right then.
being homesick does not mean you are not happy.
it simply means you are not aware, that’s all.
but in time, my friend.
in time.
sixth months, for instance.
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i already do.

Listen little grey book

Listen, I don’t know where you are.
But I haven’t met you yet.
I miss you. 
Sometimes, I just wonder what you’re doing at this exact moment.
Where are you?
I’m sorry that I thought you were someone else.
You deserve my love the most.
I was blinded a bit. 
Have I ever passed by you?
Maybe I have. Maybe I haven’t.
Maybe I already know you,
but haven’t paid enough attention to. 
I wonder if you think about me
Although you possibly haven’t met me either yet,
I already love you. 
I do.