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Welcoming Flat Nathan to Germany.

note above reads:

         My class read Flat Stanley. Stanley is a boy who is flat. He mailed himself to a friend in California.  

    I’ve made a Flat Nathan to send to you. Please take Flat Nathan to places near you. Take pictures of him and send him back with the pictures so that way my class can learn where you live. Thank you. 

                       Love Nathan.s P.S.
                     He’s a fire fighter.

My nephew Nathan is now in second grade. (gasps.) I know, right? They seriously grow up obnoxiously quick. (Le sigh…)

He is doing a project on one of my all-time favorite books Flat Stanley and sent me Flat Nathan ala Stan the Man himself. I received Flat Nathan in the mail today and cannot, absolutely cannot, wait to take him out on the town here in Germany. We’ll take pictures galore and write a letter back for Nathan’s class to enjoy. I’m going to make sure he sees the most original, exotic things – because being the coolest aunt I can be is what I long to be most of all.

Did i mention how much I miss those little ones? Or how much I love being an aunt? Cause i do – like bananas.

More Flat Nathan adventures coming up. Get pumped. ; )


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