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new habits november.

it’s halloween. which means it’s still october. but man, i’m ready for november. & so, i’ll just get a jump on it. & over on this side of the ocean, we’re a mere 3 hours away from november. mehr oder weniger. 

so let’s kick it, shall we?

exercise 30 minutes a day. maybe a walk around the block? a bike ride along the beach? a jaunt on the elliptical? something, anna. just something!
write 30 minutes a day. about anything. the time you got a conduct card on the bus? your first crush at the ripe age of 7? ideas for recipes? funny names to name eyeshadows? anything, anna. just write it d-o-w-n.
clean out your inbox. because anna, this is getting out of hand. really.
take more photos. your in a beautiful city. in a beautiful country. why wouldn’t you try & take as many pictures as possible? 
save your money. well, at least try your best to. & remember: “no, you do not need another striped shirt. auf keinen fall.”
keep your coca-cola intake to a minimum. baby steps, my friend. baby steps.
love yourself more. quit being so darn rude to yourself. ya hear?

start small. take your time. keep your hopes high and your head higher.

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missing you. (x’s five.)

 [the nieces & nephews trip to california. october 2011.]

while i’ve be exploring half way across the world, these little loves have been doing their fair share of adventuring, too. and boy, oh boy. how i miss their little smiles. 

i’ve seen some beautiful sights, i must say, but nothing beats seeing the beauty of the world through their wonderful eyes. 

let the countdown to my christmas visit begin!