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nostalgic beats.

{via: tumblr.}

today i enrolled at my new university. it’s temporary and it’s quite spontaneous. a year ago i was not expecting such a change. a year is funny like that. full of surprises. twists and turns.

during this splendid adventure i keep hearing songs that take me back to different times. very different times.

in the grocery store. the radio. the train station.

it’s funny. you don’t hear a lot of hip hop or taylor swift in germany, but lately i’ve been hearing a lot of both everywhere. and every time i do i’m instantly taken back to vivid memories. good and bad.

i stop and listen for a minute. take everything in. 

i smile— when it takes me back to happy moments– while thoughts of “holy moly that was such a crazy-fun time” and “how i would love to be back there again. if only for just a minute” race through my head.

i sigh — when it takes me back to broken, weaker times. fighting goosebumps and the lump that starts forming in my throat. — and think about how much stronger i’ve become.  i sigh for the girl i was when that song was so important to me.

and allow myself to enjoy the moment. accept the present. congratulate myself on how far i’ve come. literally and figuratively.

and then.

then i get really excited for the future. because if this much can happen in one year, imagine how much will go down in the next ten years.

as for right now? i’ve got this neat beat on repeat. (oh yes. i did just accidentally rhyme that.)


4 thoughts on “nostalgic beats.

  1. This is beautiful and so very true. Music truly is the soundtrack of our lives, and how beautiful it is when it summons such intense memories.




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