anna karina, fall 2011, september 2011, writing for the heart

those days.

you know those days. the ones that sneak up out of what seems like nowhere? the type of day where you wake up knowing it’s one of those days? today was one of those days.

one of those days where a song, especially one like this, can take you back to different times. amazingly different times. times that weren’t any better or worse. just a time that your life was far from what it is now.

one of those days where nothing sounds delicious. until you think of the pizza place a few blocks away and you decide it’s worth it. their pizza is worth the walk across town. in the cold. in the rain. their pizza sounds that good.

one of those days you look in the mirror and decide to just not even try. blergh. cue hair clip and one swift wipe of the washcloth over your face.

one of those days when you feel like you’re crawling under the table, trying to pick up so many scattered puzzle pieces. endless puzzle pieces. everywhere. only to realize, upon returning out from under the table, these pieces are not fitting together. no matter how hard you try. you can’t get them to fit.

one of those days you decide to just call it off. you climb back into bed, post-pizza and call your mom.

one of those days you only understand after the fact.

one of those days that was all part of the deal; in the cards specifically for you.

because once in a while you gotta let it go. all of it.

and instead, call your mom & listen to her laugh. oh her laugh. how her laugh makes everyday and everything better.


6 thoughts on “those days.

  1. Thank you for posting that. it has been one of those months for me. and part of me relishes the opportunity to learn to let something go, but most of me struggles so much to unclaw my dirty little fist of an utterly disappointed, broken heart and open up to who I am without that person. I hope fall in Germany is just as wonderful for you as I remember it to be!
    Thanks for helping me remember that it is ok to give in every now and then, and for reminding me that there are wonderfully kind and amazing people like you in the world. Vielen, vielen dank.


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