august 2011, germany 2011, home away from home, memories, northern germany

and we watched the sunrise on our walk home.

[august 23. 2011. Kiel, Germany]

a few weekends ago i spent my saturday evening
exploring the city with my new friends.
we laughed so much my stomach hurt
we danced so much my shoe fell apart.

we met less than a month ago
i already feel like i’ve known them
for years on end.
later when we were at a
british-pop-music pub
i squeeled
and then 
sang my heart out. 
my new friends?
they kindly listened to me sing
and even though a few people
gawked at the american girl
singing along with the music 
at the top of her lungs-
these friends
they laughed,
tried to sing along.
when the song was over
they clapped
we all high-fived.
and that’s when i knew:
these friends are going to be around for a long time.

7 thoughts on “and we watched the sunrise on our walk home.

  1. oh anna that's so awesome! i'm a firm believer that a person can get through anything with a good support group. but it's even more special when you have a good support group with which you can have a blast in a foreign country! 🙂


  2. Hey – long time reader (over a year now), first time commenter. I love your blog, and I'm loving reading about all your adventures!

    There is nothing better than good friends =) Sounds like you're having a wonderful time!



  3. Anyone who listens to your singing (not you…specifically) is a good person. No matter if you're great or terrible, an audience that understands your passion for a song and its message is a beautiful thing.

    I do, however, feel sorry for my audiences. Terrible. That's the side of the fence I fall on. 🙂


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