dear, september 2011

Dear ________,

summer weather… so glad you decided to make an appearance here in northern germany! go you. and thanks so much for doing so after i packed up all my (unworn because it was too darn cold) summer get-ups. you’re a gem.

diskotek down the street… sorry to burst your bubble, but september only has 30 days in it. you’ve scheduled yourself one day too many, dear sir. please fix that sign. p.s. disko is dead.

dreams (that i have whilst asleep.)… why you are about my elementary school at least once a week is beyond me. also, dreams including exes, even if they were only my love at the age of sixteen, is enough to make me cringe. why we gotta live in the past, dreams? why?

fate/happenstance… you crazy.

mom & pops… thanks for not selling me to the gypsies. especially now that i know how frightening they are.

angus and julia stone… thanks for this ditty. it makes cooking noodles way more hippy chic.

emotional bag checkyou might be my new very favorite interwebs discovery. yup. i play favorites.

september… you’ve been pretty ok. smell ya later.

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get your giggles on friday part II.

i love me some will arnett. even more than i love him (if possible) i love me some new sitcoms. up all night is original, brilliant & and made me pee my pants a little. on three different occasions. (yeah. i’ll admit it.)

also, the new girl (with the ever-adorable zooey deschanel) is pretty great as well. mainly because i relate to the main character on a freakish level.

example- in the episode last week she yells at her ex: 

“no we can’t rap it out! we’re not together anymore- it’s not the same!”

– i feel like i’ve said something obnoxiously similar to an ex before.

yes. yes i have done that.

this too.

happy weekend!

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my favorite kind of to-do’s.

1. find the perfect shade of autumn red lipstick.
2. buy my ticket to Copenhagen & take notes from this rad city guide (!).
3. pop for these darling (affordable!) pairs of oxfords.
4. save my pennies for feist’s new album. (and  maybe, if i’m lucky, a ticket to her concert in berlin on october 22– fingers crossed.)
5. read volume one of beautiful Kinfolk magazine from front to back. and then again.