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a cool site, a new about page & a few questions.

because that is exactly how i would respond to such occasions.
my big seester (that’s how we prefer to say it) sent me the link to this rad site.
needless to say, i’ve spent far too much time today engrossed in its archives.
but i did, however, manage to get my new about page finished.
(is the about page in too small of print?)
i’m thinking of a question & answer page… 
thoughts? questions? does asking you that make me sound like a brat?

10 thoughts on “a cool site, a new about page & a few questions.

  1. I love the about page and not I'm probably the age of your Mother and I can read it so it will pass muster. You have a lovely blog…and a lovely story.

    Q & A….very nice…



  2. The about page is bomb.com (I've always wanted to comment that somewhere so please excuse the lameness… haha) and awesome!
    Ooh, I will have to read through all the archives at WKW. However it'll have to wait as I have a plane to catch today. Going home! Wee and sob all at the same time.


  3. you are not a brat my sweet 🙂 you never could be! i love that pic of will and kate with the soldiers. i was in windsor the other day near the castle and we watched the soldiers changing of the guard, you would have loved seeing them all in their hats!

    going to read the new about page 🙂 xxxxx


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