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Why I Love Sunscreen lotion.

[Germany 2011.]
I love the beach. I love the sun. I love rounding up the kiddos & taking them all to the beach a mere block away. 
I also love sunscreen. It’s a weird thing to “love” sunscreen. It’s even weirder to the kids I watch. Can you blame them? I mean, it’s kind of a weird thing to love.
But then again, it’s an important thing to use, even if you don’t “love” it.  I’ve always been paranoid of skin cancer. If  a layer of lotion can help prevent your skin from getting cancer -not to mention keep it from getting wrinkly- then maybe, even if you don’t love it, you should just take a few seconds to layer yourself right up. 
Your skin will thank you, and so will your family
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8 thoughts on “Why I Love Sunscreen lotion.

  1. i've become addicted to sunscreen now that i live in LA where the sun actually comes out. it's a pretty fun thing to love though, even without thinking about safety. the smell just brings back so many summer warm fuzzies!


  2. Oh, I love sunscreen too. But I am sad that I might not need it when I come to Germany in two weeks. I hear it's rainy and in the 70s still. I hope that changes…:)


  3. the smell will always make me feel nostalgic, especially being a floridian child 🙂 i get all warm and tingly just thinking about that bright pink bottle of coppertone 🙂


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