Unfortunately my computer crashed last week. It’s all gone & I’m a gazillion miles from home.

But that’s ok because it’s forced me to put a real pen to paper & write everything & anything. I’m receiving a new laptop in two weeks when I meet my dad in Venice. I’m going to be gone until then, but plan on polishing the posts I’ll write in my journal in the meantime so I can have lots to post when I return.

Lots of love & until then you can check my other blog ( tumblr is much easier to update via iPhone than blogger. :/



6 thoughts on “Pause.

  1. whenever I have computer problems I can't help but think of myself as Carrie Bradshaw when she goes to the Mac Store with her computer in a scarf like an injured baby bird. “can you help him, doctor?”

    Here's to a fresh start (digitally!)


  2. Just discovered your blog, and it's been up on my browser for the past several days as I dig further and further into your archives. Love your insight and zest for life!

    Looking forward to more posts, but until then, I'll happily devour the old ones. 🙂


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