20 thoughts on “Favorite children books…

  1. ANNA! I love your blog! My favorite books when I was little were “Tuck Everlasting,” and “The Princess Bride.” Especially The Princess Bride; long, but if you could read it to them I bet they'd love it! It has true love, adventure, giants, sword fights, and a totally different ending than the stupid movie!

    Love & Haggis,


  2. a) eric carle is a genius. a preschool favorite of mine.
    b) sometimes children's books make me cry because they present real life emotional issues in such a playful, innocent way. it's one of my favorite things ever.


  3. oh i love so many of these! such sweet classics. children's books were some of my favorite things being a kindergarten teacher. when i was a kid i was totally in love with “the color kittens” and “what was that!” about little bugs who hear each other in the night and get scared of the noises. so cute.


  4. all the ones pictured are great childhood memories… my favorites of them were the very hungry caterpillar, where the wild things are, stella luna, and goodnight moon…


  5. I love almost anything by Mem Fox, or Shirley Hughes. Dogger is my favourite child's book ever. Corduroy by Don Freeman.

    My kids love the Charlie and Lola books – they aren't easy to read like a rhyming story, but the kids go nuts for the illustrations.

    SO MANY!


  6. children's literature is some of my favorite.

    The Three Questions is super cute. For a tiny bit of an older crowd I'd say…like 6 or older.

    One that my kids love at the daycare is “A Bad Case of the Stripes” Really pretty illustrations and a funny story.


  7. These books are each some of my absolute favorites!

    I also love all the Francis books (Bread and Jam for Francis, etc.). Go Dogs, Go! is a great one as well, in addition to Runaway Bunny. I love them all! Kevin Henkes books are amazing too.

    If you will be au pairing any girls, the Fancy Nancy books are TO DIE FOR.


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