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"…but there’s always time for the paper."

I am working on posts right now about breakups and finding au pair jobs abroad.  I hope to do more posts on various topics after finals are done (two weeks!) and I am settled in Germany.

Do you have any other topics you’d like me to post on? (My inner journalist loves discovering new information to share!)


p.s. Have you read online magazine The Violet, yet?  It’s beautiful, insightful & leaves you feeling truly inspired. And you know what else? It was created by the lovely Camilla of the blog champagne bubbles!


11 thoughts on “"…but there’s always time for the paper."

  1. The Violet is amazing! Completely inspiring and the voice is one I can hear and relate to. Thanks for suggestion. I'm astonished at the good there is on the internet these days! xo


  2. hey darling,
    what about a post on packing for a long stay in Europe?? or some sort of post on packing? because you are quite the seasoned traveler! So excited for your au pair job!!!
    josslynn nicole


  3. That's wonderful about Germany. I am going to study at the Goethe Institut for 2 weeks in Germany this summer. I can't wait and I wish it could be longer.


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