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how a year can change everything.

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holy moly. what a whirlwind of a year it has already been– a beautiful whirlwind; definitely. 

i am overwhelmed with projects & homework galore, working daily, as well.  i can hardly believe it’s my fourth year of university. woah. isn’t it silly that after switching majors approximately 5 times, i am still unsure of what to do with my life?

frightening? yes. secretly exciting? absolutely.

i leave for germany may 17th. i know the time between then & now is going to fly.  that’s how it works, after all. but i am thrilled!  i am au pairing for a wonderful family that lives outside of berlin.  i am going to teach their little babes english. dream.come.true.  i am also applying to attend courses while i am there at the university. i’ve had a cutout that says “in Deutschland studieren” that i cut out of a study abroad brochure & pinned to my bulletin board a few years ago.

if you would have asked me a year ago if i still was going to study in germany i would have most likely said no. 

but that’s the beautiful part about life & growing up & learning more about yourself everyday.

it’s amazing how much your dreams shift & change in the matter of a mere year. but it’s lovely how my path has directed me back to pursuing my longtime dreams.   

even if you try & tell your heart to hush, it will prevail in the end. every time. i’m sure of it.

here i am, preparing to live in germany in less than two months & i am more content than i have been in far too long.

& holy moly, it’s a wonderful feeling.



23 thoughts on “how a year can change everything.

  1. this is such a lovely post, i recently left my course at uni as it just wasn't right but i still can't decide what i actually want to do with my life now! x


  2. Congratulations on your job post and I know you will have many fantastic adventures! You don't need to know what your path will be just yet, only what the next step is. 🙂


  3. you will never be quiet and content unless you do what God has called you to do in life. it will always be there, demanding your attention..

    enjoy your life in germany!


  4. It's so true that your heart will direct you back to your longtime dreams. And thank God! Look at me with musical theatre, I had given up on that years and years ago, claiming to myself that my voice/dancing/butt wasn't good enough. And here I am now, totally taking the plunge. 🙂
    I'm sure you'll have an amazing time in Germany dear.


  5. oh i just love this! the power of visions and imagining yourself a lovely future is truly magical! i had a postcard of one of my favorite parts of boston on my bulletin board for months, and wham bam now i'm moving to boston next month! you are going to have such a lovely time, darling. can't wait to see all that yo do!



  6. Hello dear!

    I was wondering if you might post about how you snagged your au pair gig?

    I'm so excited for you!

    (And yes, I have been lurking and reading all along…)

    Have a wonderful Tuesday!



  7. Anonymous says:

    Das sind wirklich sehr aufregende Neuigkeiten- Herzlichen Glückwunsch!
    Und alles, alles Gute für deine Reise nach Deutschland, ich bin mir ganz sicher, dass es dir gefallen wird! (Ich selbst komme ja aus Österreich, aber ich war vor kurzem in Berlin= eine aufregende Stadt!)
    Alles Liebe und Gute!


  8. that's so awesome and very true. life has a funny way of surprising you with things you never thought would happen. i'm so excited for you and your upcoming adventure. it's going to be amazing and i'm sure you're going to learn so much about life and yourself, and german, of course! also, don't worry about the “what am i going to do with my life” question. i've been in school for so many years and have had 3 post-college career changes, and i'm still not sure. but i don't think you need to pick one thing. just flow with life and do what you enjoy in the moment. hooray!


  9. Congratulations! It is crazy how quickly our plans can change, even without our consent. I had a similar situation this year where somehow suddenly I got into a program to study abroad in London for the summer! Who would have thought? I love your blog, and best of luck to you!


  10. I love your blog. I follow and enjoy everything you post! I am going to Germany for a study abroad in June! What part are you going to be living in? If you hear or visit any wonderful places, please share them with me! Thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts 🙂



  11. Woohoo dear friends! This is going to be so fun/inspiring to share with you all! I am putting together an au pair search post so keep your eyes peeled! also, i'm going to make a separate blog to chronicle my upcoming adventures! hooray!
    thanks for all the happy encouragement- 2011 is rockin' this lady's world!


  12. I love how you state that even if you try extraordinarily hard to silence yourself, your heart and your opinions, they will inexorably come haunting you again. Trust me, I learned it the hard way! In the end, you are who you are and all you have to do is accept it without any grudge or pain or regret. Follow me on my blog “Journey of a stranded mind” for some upcoming reflexions on us all and basically, on life.


  13. Wow that's really exciting!
    Have you been to Germany before? I hope you will like it and feel very welcome! I'm from Southern Germany but I maybe will go to University in Berlin next year. So maybe- we'll see each other!


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