8 thoughts on “the classics: boom-boom-boom…

  1. another reason why i believe we are twins. 🙂 those have me swooooooning!

    also, also, you'd appreciate this! i got my warby parker try on pairs yesterday! needless to say i am torn between two lovers (glasses). thanks for the recommendation, lovey!


  2. Oh girl – I loooove the classics 😉

    Great post – they're so pretty… all the bold colors! Perfect for a bookshelf to add a little jazz to the room. Love your blog.



  3. They're selling some of the clothbounds at Anthropologie! I think I fainted when I saw them there…it broke my heart not to be able to buy all of them right then and there!


  4. Ah thanks for the heads up! I gotta scoot over to anthropologie & get my paws on these gems! & mackenzie, totalllllly love warby parker. DO TELL when you get yours!

    jazzy, classic books totally warm your heart, am i right?


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