week 60.

1. holy cuteness!
seriously – must
have these gems
someday. must.
to match this pair i adored in week 34.

2. this find 
only confirms 
my suspicions.
afterall, narwhals are the
unicorn of the sea.

3. joanna just blogged  
this  amazing photo of 
her cutie-pie toby.
oh my golly, melts 
my heart!

4.  i need one of these
  rad silhouettes for patrick
seriously, he believes the 
same as crockett.

5. i think this is 
flippin’ wonderful –
it makes me giggle.


9 thoughts on “week 60.

  1. oh mylanta, anna. #2 confirms that we need to be best friends forever and ever. narwhals are only my favorite animal ever, but i'm also guilty of saying “but they ARE the unicorns of the sea!” on a weekly basis.

    yup. i think we should be bffs. it's settled.


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