week 58.

1. these printable gift tags are all
kinds of adorable.
they are a freebie from the oh-so-
talented helen dardik.
she’s amazing i tell ya!

2. this giant red knit

bow is at the top
of my wish-list!
& pretty much
everything else
at YesJess‘ shop.

3. this wreath
is amazing.

plus it’s
which is rockin’.

4. this is such

a cute print of
Rules!” plus,
it never hurts
to have a few
around the house.

5.this photo

naturally stole
my heart. what a
winter scene.


11 thoughts on “week 58.

  1. The bow is especially cute, but the Christmas reminders are a definite keeper and the picture also takes my breath away – you couldn't have found a better one to express true Christmas cheer and spirit -a wonderfully lovely family and a warm feeling of togetherness while being surrounded by softly spinning snowflakes.


  2. Love the santa hats on the sunday sweet logo! So cute, friend đŸ™‚

    PS Whenever I hear “Club Can't Handle Me” I think of you rapping it… I'm pretty sure that should make your day.


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