week 57.

1. this calendar is
beyond rad.
my love for space
& brilliant prints
are both found
in this divine
(& for $10 at that!)

2.  this would be

a fabulous
new year’s eve
dress, don’t ya think?
Refinery 29 always
finds the prettiest little

3.  I just
downloaded this
Christmas mix!
it’s on repeat
tonight as i
write out my
Christmas cards!
download it (for free!) here

4. my brother &
Christmas card photos  
turned out dashing.
 Leo their mastiff pup 
   looks especially regal.
(yes, puppy. ; ) he’s got around 125
pounds to go until he stops growing!)

 5. How perfect is this 
wintry photo of the
beautiful Grace Kelly
& her sweet babe? 

oh, so amazingly precious.



6 thoughts on “week 57.

  1. type-a organization via calendars, AND CUTE PHASES OF THE MOON?! i am just in nerd cloud nine over here. oh, and that dog just looks like 125 pounds of love. love me some big dogs!


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