sunday sweet 4.

a memo for You, darlings: my sister & her hubby both happen to work the same weekend once a month, so i keep watch over their babes while they work.  seeing as how they live an hour away i just stay the weekend at their house.  so… this really stinks due to the fact i can’t get a moment for the internet or my sunday sweets!  
so, i decided to do one sunday sweet on these weekends, & make them extra sweet. ; )

 {via: weheartit.}
it melted my heart.  i absolutely admire her sweet candor & the sincerity in her writing. 

Dear Future you,
We will travel all over the world and save lives just by making people laugh. You will play music, and I will sing. I will read poetry to people, and we will all cry. Our children will always have bare feet, and I will only cut my hair in the summer. We will live in Africa for five years and then move to Nepal, Australia and then South America. We’ll bring Jesus to everyone we meet, and people will crowd the streets when we leave. You’ll sing songs in my ear until I fall asleep at night and I won’t need anti-depressants or sleeping pills. Our children will always know they are beautiful. They will dance on your feet after breakfast. I will cook all of our meals from home, except on the weekends when we’ll eat in diners. We’ll host dinner parties and drink white wine, inviting everyone we know: the homeless man who hangs out by the grocery store, the teenager working at the deli down the street, our kids soccer coaches, your boss, all of the kids from the youth group at the church we attend. Our kids will be home-schooled, and we’ll teach them about astronomy, horseback riding, calligraphy. We’ll go on hikes every weekend and take them sail-boating. I will write songs and we will sit on our front porch and sing. People will come from all over the neighborhood and sit on our front lawn. In the spring, we’ll plant wild flowers, and in the summer, we’ll fly kites and go on picnics. Our children will all play musical instruments. They will love reading, and our daughters will respect themselves because they will know that God treasures them and that their worth is found in Him alone. We’ll read the Bible to them as they fall asleep, and when they rebel, we’ll wait and pray and trust God to bring them back to Him. We won’t worry about money, and we’ll always help out the families we know who are struggling. We’ll always be smiling. You’ll always make me smile.

to read more of Joy’s beautiful words, visit her blog: heisjealousforme.


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