week 55.

1. this is
why can’t
every building
be covered
in colorful
polka dots? 

2. in my dreams,
this is my hair.
(& everyone dresses like
it’s 1960s London.)
3. when i grow-up,
i want to buy
bouquets like
this beautiful one
every week from
the farmers


4. notes

like this
are always
the best.
homemade & sweet?

 5. be still 
my heart!
because of 
this: yes, i do
believe in
Love at first



10 thoughts on “week 55.

  1. Oh, the hair! I love the look (…but on that note I love big hair. There's a southern girl in my somewhere) I can't decide if when I get older I want to have vampy Misses Robinson hair or a long gray braid like Georgia Okeeffe.


  2. LOVE this post! Love the polka dot building (especially since it's a literature building!), love the flowers, love the room… Sigh.

    And PS – Can't you see why Sam and I are BFF? It's our shared huge hair, clearly. (It's full of secrets.)


  3. Camille W says:

    I live in Wellington, NZ – which is where the polka dot building is! It's an art gallery – there were queues outside the whole time the exhibition was here. Was very excited to see something I knew about on your fantastic blog. 🙂


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