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dancing totally runs in the family.

the video above is one of my very favorites.  it’s my cousins jon & geoff dancing at my brother’s wedding this past summer.  legit, i know. 
i am so happy i live in the times of video sharing, digital pictures, video chat & all that goodness. 
you see, most of my friends & family live in different cities.  it totally bums me out.  but then i get hilarious messages & photos & phone calls from them- & then i am happy. 

plus, the holidays are right around the corner.

it’s been far, far too long since i’ve seen my best friends since birth.

6 thoughts on “dancing totally runs in the family.

  1. woah, that little guy has it going ON! i liked his… robot?… scarecrow in the wind?… whatever it is, it was awesome! 🙂 also, it looks like you have the coolest, most hilarious family ever.


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