week 52.

1. this wedding
is so dreamy & simple.
& so unbelievably
it reminds me 
of my  dream wedding.


2.  this captured

is perfect.
it seems like just
yesterday i was prancing
with my cousins 

3. this girl has 
the most gorgeous
locks of hair.
i’m currently attempting to grow my hair out that long! 
it is so lovely to do different things with!


4. this photo is

“adorable” with 
a capital “A”.

5. this is exactly

what i needed
to read today.
this week i’m going to walk the talk. 
rocks my world. 



5 thoughts on “week 52.

  1. i like how all the photos today involve people's midsections. 🙂 i love your dream wedding! beautiful. and i'm sure, with all your creativity and class, yours will be even more beautiful!


  2. cb says:

    i love that wedding with the bike! i wish me and the mister somehow incorporated out bikes but we got married and had the ceremony in the same place…well we should have used it for decor!



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