14 thoughts on “{Quote of the Week.}

  1. aw, this was a sweet quote. and i definitely agree. it would be great to find someone that loves everything about you, even the ugly.

    i think i've found him, but it's still the beginning stages right now. he has plenty of time to get grossed out by me and run away. 😉


  2. cb says:

    that is a great quote and so true! i love my mister for that very reason, i am who i am and i know he loves me for me!
    sometimes you need little things like this quote to remind you of how good you do have it!




  3. so happy to hear about your experiences with such 'true loves.' keep being you, & the minute (if) he says anything about you needing to change- show him to the door.

    don't change for anyone. ever.

    love on, sweets!


  4. I think that sometimes people falter at the thought of “accepting one for whom they are” not because they're intentionally trying to change a person but….instead….because they have in their mind the “right” way to be in certain situations.

    It's difficult to let go and come to terms that there are different ways to do things. We, as humans, tend to think that our way is the right way if it's worked for us. So while some might be trying to change, others might just be trying to impose what they know as “right”. This may not sound like a distinct difference, but in my head it does. 🙂


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