week 51.

1. These antique
spoon garden
markers would
make an amazing
gift- Christmas is
right around
the corner! ; )

2.  These sunnies
would make 
every outfit
a success. 
tend to steal my heart…
 3.  how fun
would this tape
make every 
package you

4.  everything about
this picture makes
me sincerely happy.
this pup looks like
he would have some
wise tales to tell… 
(pun totally intended.)
((note: with me, puns are almost 
always intended.))

5.  someday 
i will host
fabulous Autumn
feasts, like this.
(& you’re totally invited.)


7 thoughts on “week 51.

  1. :O That's my dog! Well.. I have the same breed. Just as blonde and just as fat. Usually just as shaggy but he's just had a hair cut because it's almost summer in Australia.

    He's officially the greatest thing ever. Just thought you should all know. 🙂


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