week 48.

1.  This packaging-
branding is so original
& crisp.  definitely
everything i love 
about a product’s look!

2.  i’m ninety-nine
percent sure if you
look up “precious”
in the dictionary
this baby is under
the definition.
3. smitten with
this simple,
beautiful truth
& a beautiful

for your very 
own dreamboat.
i can’t wait to find mine
& surprise him with
such sweets as this.

5. what a perfect

night with friends.
i am determined
to throw a party
just as wonderful
as this sometime
soon-very soon!

10 thoughts on “week 48.

  1. a. that baby is ADORABLE! those cheeeeks, and the rolls, and those eyes. everything!

    b. i can't wait until the day that i own a house. i'm determined to have lights & parties just like that.

    c. such good news about natalie!! i hope that everything continues to go smoothly.



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