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Links of Love. part I.

thank you so much for your sweet encouragement in response to my last post. it means so much to have such sweet friends. & to those of you expressing a feeling of similar dismay… you are constantly in my thoughts & i’m sending you big hugs!  
(we can all totally get through the current junk in our lives. especially with the support of each other… which you have mine, one-million percent.) 
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“Smile, breathe & go slowly.”

{via: flickr.}

sometimes it all seems to happen at once. 

you try to untangle one part of your life only to find another knot of confusion. they say challenges are meant to make you stronger.  that everything happens for a reason & God never gives you more than you can handle. 

& tonight:

i can’t help but hope with all my heart that they are right.
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a "Love Connection" of sorts.

{the nieces & nephews. summer 2008.}

sometimes i get emails from readers.  they typically make me blush from appreciation & often make me feel like i was just given a big hug.  (remember the playlist i received to cheer me up after my breakup? ah-mazing.)  sometimes i get emails asking for advice, & sometimes people send wonderful things for me to check out… 

i Love connecting with You.

(um totally pointing at You right now, YES. YOU!)

Let’s Connect, Loves!
if you want to say hello. ask a question. email-“high-five.” be facebook pals,etc. whatever you fancy!
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week 50.

1. this is the cutest
little girl & the
hippest clothes for
fall. absolutely
Love it.

2.  this groom &
bride are too
much chic for
one photo.  
the bride’s shoes
are to die for!
3. adoring
this bit of
thank goodness
for best

4. this is

a perfect home/office.
this is the kind
of stuff my
are filled with.

 5. everytime

i happen upon
this picture
i giggle. 
it reminds me