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true friends & Love.

[me & liz. may 21.2010.]
this is my best friend Liz & me on my twenty-first birthday this year in May. 
we met in the fall of 2007 after her good friend Joe “broke my heart”.
it turns out that i would have him break it a million times over,
if it meant that having him do so, 
i would meet my best friend Liz.
Liz & i aren’t necessarily the kind of best friends who have to see each other every day.
or even every week, at that.
we don’t call each other every second, every minute of the day.
& sometimes, we can sit quietly without speaking,
but know what the other is feeling.
and, without saying anything
we can give one another hope & reassurance, 
without even saying a single word.
Liz & i are the type of friends who have only known of each other’s existence
for 3 years, but our souls communicate as if we have known
each other since before we were born.
in two days Liz will marry the Love of her life.
in two days i will sign a licence stating that i did, in fact, witness such a magical moment.
this couldn’t be any more of honor. 
being able to stand next to my best friend,
while she commits herself to someone who loves her immensely, 
and she him,
 is such a beautiful thing.
having the honor to stand by my friends, 
(Jenny, Julie, & next June, Katherine…)
while they declare their everlasting Love,
is one of the most wonderful things in the world.
& i cannot wait until they 
stand beside me
the day i marry the Love of my life.

To know someone here or there 
with whom you can feel 
there is understanding 
in spite of distances 
or thoughts expressed — 
That can make life a garden. 
-Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe.

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