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500 days of summer is Love.

have you seen 500 days of Summer i wrote about it last year, but today i had the urge to re-watch it. seeing as how i adore zooey deschanel i love it that much more! 

i definitely recommend it– & its sweet soundtrack, too! 

note: all photos found via tumblr & google images.


17 thoughts on “500 days of summer is Love.

  1. i love this movie! i recently bought it and will be watching it all the time. i'm so excited because She & Him (w/Zooey) is coming to STL! I think they are coming to Kansas City too 🙂


  2. This is by far my all-time favorite film. I love everything about it. The way it's filmed, the real life story, the silver screen chemistry, the fashion… *mmmm*

    Your post makes me want to go watch it right this second! Love!


  3. it does not get any better than this movie! The outdoor wedding scene (and the picture you posted of it) get me everytime. And I love all the blues. and I love her apartment.


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