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{Quote of the Week.}

week {achtundachtzig};

week 47.

1. This engagement
photo is adorable.
Definitely loving
her cute hair
& his handsome glasses! 

2.  these delicate,
yet frilly bloomers
are wonderful.
everytime you wore them you would
feel so sassy & beautiful!
3.  i am ecstatic 
for fall. I Love the
beautiful fashions
forecasted.  Like
nude heels & cigarette pants!
4.  i Love this.
sweet messages +
embroidered lace=
heart flutters.
5.  such beautiful
words.  words to
try & live by.

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Noted Blog of Love: Advice for All My Children.

Life is peculiar in a wonderful way sometimes.  earlier today i was sitting in class when i started thinking about the sweet letters lots of bloggers write to their future husbands.  i then began to ponder about writing letters to my future children.

well, sure enough- when i was exploring the blog-o-sphere later today i stumbled upon this new site “advice for all my children“.  it is quite interesting & honest.  i really fancy it.  
here are some of my favorites so far:

[all images via advice for all my children.]


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{Quote of the Week.}

 week {siebenundachtzig}; 
note: rather an entry of the week…

{via: weheartit.}

everything changes & it’s exciting & lovely & such an alluring part of life. everything happens for some reason. everything will work out & it will be such a beautiful ending to an adventurous tale. when things feel awful it’s hard to see the outcome. it’s hard to stay positive & stretch our limbs to the sky each day. people leave, we leave, & it’s always hard because you think: why didn’t they love me? what did i do wrong? do they care? what about me? & you let those questions, each question, hollow you out a little more until your body is the heaviest hollow there could be. you can feel the question, each question, ache in different parts. why didn’t they love me, how could they love someone more? it aches in your belly, keeps you from eating. what did i do wrong? your constant retelling of every moment spent together, analyzing, it aches your whole skull. do they care? the thought that they don’t care, that they don’t think about your needs or worries or wants, well that aches in all the limbs. these aches make us weak, they keep us in bed fearing sleep. they keep us from telephones, from computers, from friends. because ‘why did they leave, why did they leave me?’   we are self centered by nature. people exist in our lives because they are meant to. each person, lovely or awful. they exist for exactly the amount of time they should. they teach us things. little things, extraordinary things about ourselves, our lives, the everything around us. that doesn’t make it easier to say good bye. it doesn’t make it easier to think that they have finished their task, made you stronger, & we must be strong. we must be strong. you exist,& it is extraordinary.

week 46.

1. this dress is perfect. 
polka dots &
a heart cutout back…
p.s. remember this sweet 
this sweet wedding dress with a heart

2.  Stationary
Love: what a 
creative return
i would very
much like to
have one! ; )
3.  this is such 
a sweet list
filled with great
moments of Love.
4. pictures from
the first dance
are always one
of my favorites
from weddings!
i am smitten 
with this one.
5.  a motto for You.
so sweet & so true.