week 42.

1.  This couch is anything 
& everything
anyone could ever ask
for furniture-wise! 
I better get to saving
my pennies for 
after i move out… ; )

2.  I have always loved
of Bri’s amazing design-
& of course i am 
smitten with 
her cute style as well!! 
This post about her
jazz date is

3. someday i want

a big st. bernard pup.  i would name him harry.   As for now, i am in love 
with Sharon Montrose & her brilliant animal photography!  


4.  The drawpilgrim 
has some awesome
party themed downloads this
month in honor of
her birthday month!  
How fun &

5.  simply digging
this adorable

up-cycled drink caddy! 
this blogosphere has some mighty
clever crafters
& i LOVE it!


8 thoughts on “week 42.

  1. We must seriously have been separated at birth…and a few years. I'm not a HUGE dog person (okay much of a dog person at all, I prefer the work that kids create), HOWEVER…..A St. Bernard would be my choice if I could afford to have a dog that large. 🙂 Seriously. They're adorable in a very large slobbery kind of way.


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