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one world traveler & a girl with a plan.

 [via: flickr.]

my friend Michael is on an adventure right now.  He’s traveling Europe & investigating the life of a foreign correspondent.            read: He is pretty much living my dream.  But the difference between my dream & his?  He is making his a reality. Right now. 
How admirable is that?  Brave.  So brave.

You can read all about his journey on his brilliant blog Foreign Telegraph …I like to live vicariously through his posts.

[via: flickr.]

my dear bestie Michelle is a girl with a plan.  She gets things done & oh, how inspiring she is to me.  You see, Michelle is the blogger from the blog Oh, Mishka.  She also collaborates with me on the blog Someday Hopes.

Michelle has done it again & created a site of pure inspiration: Might & Main Talk about taking life into your own hands- she is amazing!

Maybe having your name begin with the letters “Mich” means you are all about living life, not just talking about it!



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