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A small introduction: Mary.

This sweet girl is our newest addition to the Allen Poodle Abode. 
Her name is Mary & she was found last weekend by my sister’s sister-in-law on the side of the road.  My sister called to let me know the situation & before I even explained the poor little one’s troubles we were on the way to rescue this precious girl. 

Little Mary was matted as could be & her bones are oh so very frail.  We suspect she has been on her own for quite some time, seeing as how she is so skinny & how she looked.  After some research we learned she is a four year old miniature poodle & was originally from Kansas.  We were surprised, while she was rescued in Missouri.

Once we brought her back to our poodle roost we introduced her to her new pals: Lucy & Patrick
To our amazement they welcomed her with gentle Love.  She immediately was included & cared after by the others.  I believe they can sense the turmoil she has been through.  They watch over her & even allow her to join the morning cuddle-fests that commence every morning in my bed. 

We adore our new Mary & hope she regains strength after a few weeks of the Allen poodle feeding regimen.  

As for now, we shower her with Love. 



3 thoughts on “A small introduction: Mary.

  1. I couldn't be happier right now to read all of that and how happy Mary is! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for taking her in. You guys rock Mary's world, I just know it. and she looks so adorable with her new hair-do! she was irresistible, and I am so thankful that she found such a loving and happy home. I owe you one big time. I hope to see her again soon!! give her kisses for me!


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