christopher, happiness, june 2009, love, memories, nieces and nephews, weddings. rachel

my big brother got married!

all of my nieces & nephews were adorable flower girls & ring bearers!
& the newlyweds were stunningly gorgeous!
we are so happy for our brother- & our new sister, of course!
after the beautiful ceremony we attended the amazing reception-best party ever!
the celebration continued well throughout the night…everyone had a blast.
by the end of the day some of us were tuckered out- sleepy, but oh so very happy.

congratulations christopher & rachel!
see more sweet photos here.
& a hilarious video of my cousins 
geoff & jon dancing at the reception here.

9 thoughts on “my big brother got married!

  1. I loved those pictures of your nieces and nephews when Katie posted them on her blog. Too cute. Love the girls' dresses!

    And Rachel's veil is GORGEOUS! I love the trim. You look quite sassy, Anna, in that satin dress, if I must say!


  2. oh i just love the last photo and the first few of our neices and nephews. what a cute family!! weddings are the best, i'm going to another one this weekend.


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