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my apologies & picnics galore.

i have been a really really terrible blogger lately.  ever since my ridiculously wonderful birthday, i have been bombarded with exciting summer adventures & many-a-wedding celebrations.  You see, in the past month i have attended 3 bridal showers. all were quite fun, but they have certainly kept me busy, busy.  Tonight i have a bachelorette party to attend that is going to be just as fun, but it will probably knock me on my lazy bum for the rest of the weekend… 
but i promise to get back on track with my regularly scheduled blogging starting NOW!

so, for my birthday i received this picnic basket from my sweet parents. 

it is super rad & i am in love with it! 

well, then my awesome friend Liz gifted me this awesome cookbook: 

it is perfect!!

to top it all off Liz also gave me some little plastic bottles of wine (it was my twenty-first after all) to bring along on my picnicking adventures
eeps! i can’t wait!!
happy friday! 
here’s to a splendid weekend 
& lots of picnics this summer! ; )

xoxo my loves.


4 thoughts on “my apologies & picnics galore.

  1. I've seen several similar picnic baskets, but this is by far the cutest. That Tiffany-blue fabric is perfection!
    Hope we get to see recipes and/or photos from your summer picnic(s)!

    Are you enjoying 21? It's a glorious time, and I must say that things only get better and better from there. 🙂


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