week 39.

1.  alas, summer is here!-
& this picture makes me
want to spend the whole season
outdoors in the sunshine!

2.  what an
awesome illustration.
i love the look 
she is making &
that yellow dress!

3.  this baby is absolutely 
precious.  &
i’m smitten with
the clever onesies!

4.  ban.do will forever
have my heart &
this hair clip/brooch is
my new favorite.
 i want it in every color!!
5.  i’m in love with big
hats, red lipstick &
bright dresses–basically
everything about
this gorgeous photo
what a perfect summer look.


15 thoughts on “week 39.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Anna, have you read the Kelle Hampton blogs? If not, here's the link: KelleHampton.com. I just LOVE her photography and writing…her outlook on life is well documented in her words. If your Mom hasn't read this, please share — especially her blog on the birth of Nella. It's truly the story of a mother's love. Spot on. Happy Memorial Day!

    Mrs. M.


  2. so pretty! i've been in love with all things summer too! it's cold here in SF, but come august 1, i'll be living in l.a. where i can actually have fun in the sun. swoon! 🙂


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