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day five.

{via: tumblr.}
the end. 
i had a wonderful finals week & am so relieved to be finished!  thanks to all of your encouraging comments & messages–you make even the most hectic of days beautiful. thank you for that.
I bid you adieu Spring Semester 2010.
we had some good times.
i can’t say i won’t miss you some.
thanks for being pretty swell,
and for creating so many wonderful memories.
here’s to a perfect summer & lovely Fall Semester 2010!
Love, Anna.



4 thoughts on “day five.

  1. Yay, you! You've had a spectacular semester and that's definitely worth a celebration, lady. I wish you many good summer reads and cups of lemon gelato.


  2. Wow, I can imagine that picture illustrates exactly how you feel! Congrats on finishing your semester, and here's to a joyful, restful summer!


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