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day four.

this semester i took zumba for a fill in credit.

i loved it, though i was pretty terrible. we had to choreograph a dance & present it to the class… my song of choice? spices girls spice up your life. i already had half of the dance from when my cousins & i came up with one in 1997.

i really love the class & definitely want to get certified some day…i highly recommend it–and i’m not one for working out…!

learn more about zumba here.

see my twin liz lemon attempting cardio-hip-hop-groove here. that is pretty much how i looked in zumba everyday...ok, that is how i looked everyday.

p.s. this picture is too stinken’ adorable for words!


14 thoughts on “day four.

  1. Good for you, Anna! I love Zumba too, such a good, fun workout! I've been lucky to have some really fun teachers too.

    Aw, that picture reminds me of when I taught the lil tutu tots ballet! That's pretty much what it looked like!

    Have a great weekend! Don't study too hard.


  2. Hi Anna, Just stumbled “into” your blog world …and love it!!! Posting one's ramblings is sooo bilssfully distracting from all the chores and responsibillllies we have in life. šŸ™‚ Thank you, Michallee (from 'Treasures from Moira's Armoire')


  3. The simple fact that you chose a Spice Girls song makes me wish I was in that zumba class with you! Everything becomes extra fun with some Spice Girls music šŸ˜‰


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