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return of the finals countdown…day one.

in traditional finals week fashion, i give you…

i would have to say the very best part of this semester was meeting this handsome boy:

this is ross & me on an amazing picnic next to potter’s lake on campus. we started dating around valentine’s day & i have never met a sweeter boy. and I am oh so blessed to be his girl.

we didn’t meet at school, but he was definitely a highlight of this semester–to say the least. : )



6 thoughts on “return of the finals countdown…day one.

  1. I found you again!!! My computer promptly decided to blow up right around Xmas, which you had finished finals recently as I recall. The dead computer took all of my info and bookmarked links on it, so I was unable to remember the name of your site and VOILA I found it, months later.
    And you're doing finals again. It's like I never left!! And good luck btw.


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