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ducklings are like dreams. they need gentle time to grow.

{campus. spring 2010.}

i have around a bazillion new ideas a day.

paint a bookshelf. revamp my wardrobe. new makeup trick. organize drawers. build a desk. giveaways. knit. sew. eat organic…. these are just a few that happened to fill my head today.

each day i get a surge of excitement to create my plans. and each day i am reminded of how fast time passes, how expensive things tend to be, and that i am a poor busy college student.

and each day my heart breaks a little.

i love school. i love my friends. i love life.
but this year i have been trying to understand the balancing act that is life.

i have observed the order of priorities.
i have fought against time, earning myself a
spot in the procrastinator hall of fame.
and i have come to accept that life is about sacrifices.

this lesson is the toughest one I’ve tried to learn. but I’m trying my best.

my favorite part of the lesson–

your dreams can come true. you just have to be patient & nurture them while they grow–like you would a baby. or perhaps a duckling.



13 thoughts on “ducklings are like dreams. they need gentle time to grow.

  1. i loved this post anna. you are the sweetest girl ever. i love that you have so many hopes and dreams, and i have no doubt that you will accomplish them all someday! you are awesome!


  2. I really love this post Anna. I've been reading through your archives over the past two weeks and each post just puts this great smile on my face. Thank you for sharing all of the love.


  3. oh Anna, you are definitely not alone in this! I even graduated two and a half years ago and I'm STILL trying to find the balance between all of those little things that I actually enjoy adding to my to do list and all of the things that I have to do in order to have/afford/earn those things I love so much more. It will always be a balancing act… and I'm not sure I'll ever get used to it. It makes me miss being a kid so very much more than ever!


  4. yes, exactly! i love the balance of life idea. whenever something new begins, something has to end, and that can be so sad. i'm trying to do more “ceremonies” to say goodbye to certain events/way of life. thanks for this!


  5. great post! more recently i've taught myself how to say no to things. haha i tend to over commit, stressing myself out for no real reason! life is a definitely a difficult balancing act and i think everyone struggles with this!


  6. beautiful. 🙂 & you are so right — balancing & time management is such a difficult thing to learn, & i have yet to learn it. this has been the fastest year of my life. & remembering to leave room for me time has been incredibly difficult. but i think one of the keys is to surround yourself with people who inspire you, encourage you, & support you every step of the way. they are the most wonderful of reminders. 🙂


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