week 39.

1.  alas, summer is here!-
& this picture makes me
want to spend the whole season
outdoors in the sunshine!

2.  what an
awesome illustration.
i love the look 
she is making &
that yellow dress!

3.  this baby is absolutely 
precious.  &
i’m smitten with
the clever onesies!

4.  ban.do will forever
have my heart &
this hair clip/brooch is
my new favorite.
 i want it in every color!!
5.  i’m in love with big
hats, red lipstick &
bright dresses–basically
everything about
this gorgeous photo
what a perfect summer look.

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twenty-one & counting.

 [Jon & Me circa 1994?]
today i turn twenty-one.  so, in honor of such events i have decided to list the top twenty-one things i have learned in the past year…
21. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to drink dr.pepper daily to survive.  who knew?!
20. Some people peaked in high school, and i am oh, so glad i was, instead, a huge nerd.
19. Reading can be fun.  
18. Sometimes staying home on the weekend with just your family can be good for your heart.
17. Blizzards aren’t just something we read about in Laura Ingalls Wilder’s books.
16. Kansas really isn’t as boring as i had declared. (well, Lawrence isn’t at least.)
15. I have the best friends in the entire world. entire world i tell ya!
14. The Smoothe-Away does not work at all.
13. Corn dogs still gross me out.
12. Growing up can be really hard.
11. Growing up can be really awesome.
10. Trying to be happy makes things so much better than being angry.
9.  Poodles are super high maintenance emotionally.
8.  Blogging was one of the best decisions i’ve ever made.
7.  Money makes everything more complicated.
6.  I really was able to finish my math credits.
5.  My dad’s a pretty big deal, but the most humble man you will ever meet.
4.  My siblings are such great role-models.
3.  I will always be a jayhawk.
2.  Sweet genuine boys really do exist, and i am the luckiest girl in the world.

1.  The world is filled with a lot of love, & i have the most loving family a girl could want.

Whew!  :  )
thanks for all of your kind support this past year- 
i adore you.

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because everything tastes better heart-shaped.

Last week i decided i was going to cook dinners at home now opposed to going out to eat.  i really enjoyed shopping at the grocery store for specific ingredients and i especially fancied searching for some yummy recipes.  
first up in this summer cooking adventure? 
some scrumptious pizza!
you can find the recipe here. 
my boyfriend ross & i decided to go with the heart-shaped pan.  ok, more like i was determined to make it work in the heart -shaped pan.  nevertheless, we devoured it & filed it away under delicious dinner ideas.

yum, yum, yummy, yum.
bon appetit!