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my beautiful friend Katherine & her German beau Christian recently got engaged! i am so excited for them–i love my friends in love. isn’t it such a wonderful thing to see?!

Congratulations Lovebirds!!

p.s. that photo is from when christian left katherine that note in her kitchen one day! adorable. absolutely adorable.


6 thoughts on “Liebe.

  1. So sweet!
    Ahhh.. I love it when my friends get engaged/married. My hubs and I will be celebrating our 10th anniversary this summer, so I'm a huge fan of love and marriage (as cheesy as that sounds, it's really the truth. Although I know it isn't for everyone, I suppose.) Rambling now…

    I wish them much happiness!


  2. What's really sweet is seeing friends be genuinely excited and not jealous or confused or angry for their friends' life changing moments. 🙂 True happiness is found when you can be happy for someone else. It means you are content with where you are, too.


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