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oh, school.

to my lovely university:
you look absolutely dashing lately.
i adore walking about in between classes & having picnics on your soft grass next to potter’s lake. but, you see, when you are so beautiful, it makes it so very hard to sit in class & watch spring happening outside the windows… so, please stay this perfect for a long while, so i can appreciate you as much as you deserve when i’m not swamped in silly homework, meetings and projects.

[monday, april 12, 2010.]
[monday, april 12, 2010.]

rock chalk
& Love always, Anna.

p.s. my new post for buttoned up on some tricks to fighting the spring itch!
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13 thoughts on “oh, school.

  1. Although I can't support the rock chalk, (MIZ! ZOU!) your campus is quite beautiful. I work at UMSL now and I have the same darn problem- there's so much green grass just beyond a window that I can't even open!


  2. your campus IS dashing! that must make actually being in class excruciating. i love your post about surviving the spring itch too. i have a pretty bad case of senioritis and i don't finish grad school until mid-july. ugh! just gotta keep going! 🙂


  3. it's true… sitting outside on campus was definately my favorite thing about college. we had squirrels that would eat out of your hand!

    ps. when you get a chance you should stop by my blog… there's a little somethin' for you on today's post! 😉


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